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The EGMP was founded in 1950 as a non-profit association. The society is established for the benefit of the public through encouragement and promotion of numismatic science, and particularly through the study of coins, medals and tokens.


The restricted address of the EGMP is Spaarzaamheidstraat 8 - 9300 Aalst - Belgium.
Society meetings are held four times a year, and pays tribute with a medal to useful members at the Anniversary Meeting.
The EGMP coordinates the club activities of all divisions in Flanders, organises auctions and informs their members with numismatic news and articles via quarterly “Muntklapper”, and the website
The EGMP divisions are: Aalst, Antwerpen, Brugge, Dendermonde, Herentals, Leuven, Tienen, ZW-Vlaanderen
AEN ….

The annual subscription is € 14 for members in Belgium and € 20 for members abroad.
This membership includes the quarterly “Muntklapper”, the yearbook of the EGMP, free access to all meetings of the divisions and the Francophone numismatic division AEN, and a discount on the entrance fee of the Coin Fair organised by one of the divisions of EGMP or AEN.